Month: August 2012

Rizal Memorial Library

The Rizal Memorial Library is an intriguing structure along Osmena Blvd., in midtown Cebu City. It is intriguing, because it is not very imposing like the Capitol building, but the library is a beautiful structure by itself. I remembered that the library was renovated, but I’m glad it is now back and running. Advertisements

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Metropark Hotel, Our Favorite Swimming Pool in Cebu City

Last Sunday, my nephew, my boyfriend and I went to our favorite swimming pool because I promised my nephew that we would go to one when he visits me in the city.  And being the water whale that he is, he never forgets any promise, especially if that promise involves water and/or food.  We had the pool all to ourselves, much to the delight of my nephew who practiced his synchronized swimming skills (we were able to watch Great Britain perform synchronized swimming). With all the many resorts offering swimming pool passes, Metropark’s remain my favorite.

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On the Streets, Escolta

My boyfriend and I do most of our traveling by foot. It is my belief that one can only get to “feel” the pulse of the place when one interacts with the locals, peer at empty alleys, and get lost among strange streets. Wherever we go, I always have the desire to walk, and walk, and walk. There are many things you’ll miss when riding a vehicle, so I’d prefer to walk.

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