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Metropark Hotel, Our Favorite Swimming Pool in Cebu City

Last Sunday, my nephew, my boyfriend and I went to our favorite swimming pool because I promised my nephew that we would go to one when he visits me in the city.  And being the water whale that he is, he never forgets any promise, especially if that promise involves water and/or food.  We had the pool all to ourselves, much to the delight of my nephew who practiced his synchronized swimming skills (we were able to watch Great Britain perform synchronized swimming). With all the many resorts offering swimming pool passes, Metropark’s remain my favorite.



To be lucky, you call the hotel first (see contact numbers below) and ask if the swimming pool is free at the day and time you would like to visit. If you visit during the weekday, you can get lucky to have the swimming pool to yourselves. It is not a huge pool that my nephew would even complain that he can easily get from one end to another. But it can give you the much needed respite on a summer day, and without breaking your bank.

The entrance fee is only P150 per person and you can lounge in the chairs, sunbathe, or swim until evening, 6PM. The hotel also has a restaurant so you can order refreshments while in the swimming pool.

MetroPark Hotel:

(63-32) 233-2352
(63-32) 233-3677
(63-32) 233-3883
(63-32) 233-3887
(63-32) 233-0130



  1. would you believe that i’ve just finished reading that one too! I got an exact copy like yours at a booksale for five pesos! pretty in swimwear btw, so vintage-y!

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