Month: September 2012

Maitre Chocolatier Boutique & Cafe

  The last week of August was probably the week where I ate out the most. Because I am now solely paying my rent and all utilities and food, and other things like service fees for plumber and carpenter, I’ve made resolutions to eat out less so I can scrimp my money to pay what I need. (Okay, I do scrimp money, partly to buy shoes and other cute stuff, and pay for the things I need). But the last week of August was like an indulgence. Advertisements

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Cebu Chinese Cemetery

The Cebu Chinese cemetery interests me for two reasons: (1) I have a grand-aunt who married a Chinese (not significant, but still the grand-aunt intrigues me because I never met her), and (2) my grandmother always tells us that come All Soul’s Day, she and her friends would walk to the cemetery because the Chinese families would be giving out hopis (or mooncake) to anyone who visits.

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Cafe Legazpi

Hi! How was your weekend? It rained heavily here in Cebu (after the earthquake last Friday night). To start our week, I’d like to write about a little cafe located in downtown Cebu. I love the re-development ongoing at downtown Cebu and I hope that they continue to do that, no matter who sits to become mayor and councilor next year.

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