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Cafe Legazpi

Hi! How was your weekend? It rained heavily here in Cebu (after the earthquake last Friday night). To start our week, I’d like to write about a little cafe located in downtown Cebu. I love the re-development ongoing at downtown Cebu and I hope that they continue to do that, no matter who sits to become mayor and councilor next year.

I loved that the downtown area, especially that surrounding the City Hall is a lot cleaner. I hope that cleanliness extends to the whole of the downtown area, including Colon and the other streets.

In downtown Cebu, at the end of the street named after Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the Spanish conquistador who came after Ferdinand Magellan failed in his mission, you’ll find a snackhouse aptly named Cafe Legazpi. We discovered the place when we visited the Cebu Thrift Shop and were on our way to MyJoy to get some snacks. While MyJoy is delicious, I forced my boyfriend to have snacks in the cafe because it looked cute. And it is indeed cute. The interior is very homey, and comfortable. I loved the local baskets on display, and the tables and chairs were probably from the owner’s house. We chatted a bit with the owner and proceeded to order this delicious hamburger and this cafe suda, their version of the Vietnamese coffee. I actually ordered tuna sandwich, and I think the burger was more delicious. I can taste the carrots in the burger patty, and I loved that it was thick. The hamburger and cafe suda cost P50, while the tuna sandwich costs less than that but I forgot how much.

** The cafe is no longer existing as of July 2016.




      • thank you for doing that psych. we practice that on our trips, even stopping by side roads to buy local produced crops. im happy to know we are not alone.

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