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Science Sparks Exhibit

I am kind of a museum fanatic (Mind Museum, Rizal Library & Museum). Whenever I go somewhere, I’d always like to check out a museum to let me put into context the recent developments (and undevelopments) in that place. To be honest, I always find it a pity if a town or a city has no museum. I am happy that our small town of Lazi has a museum. And I feel lucky to be living in city full of museums.

When I read this article in Snip Cebu, I thought it is cool that there is a science exhibit in the City — there is no science museum here in Cebu (or is there one already?) and although I’m not a science fan, I think having a science museum awes and amazes children and allows them to go wild in their imagination, and I’d love that for our kids — to think that nothing is impossible, to encourage them to use their brains responsibly, and to veer them away from bad elements, like drugs, alcoholism, crime.

Science Sparks is a traveling science exhibit and it is in the Cebu City Sports Complex until end of November. Tickets cost P50 each. I think my nephew was amused and amazed because he can’t stop talking about it when we got home. But he didn’t look too pleased when we were there because there were also lots of children, probably 50 schoolchildren.

my nephew and me 🙂

clapping our hands to beat the drum

A Physics teacher from Tejero National Highschool was our guide that afternoon. I forgot if I had physics while attending elementary school, but I remembered I got a really low grade in Physics in highschool, and in college, our teacher was very obsessed with Stephen Hawkings and I got a mediocre grade.


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