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Nestie’s Maternity Photoshoot

My friend, Nestie, gave birth to a baby girl today. A month ago, we had a photoshoot in their home one rainy Sunday. There was no theme in particular, we just played with the laid-back vibe of a happy home and a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Photos were taken by my boyfriend.



  1. Hi psyche! Duol rami date of delivery sa imo friend. Looking at the pics made me remember also the photoshoot we had. Now, I a few pounds lighter and I could already see and touch my toes! Haha. But there are times I miss being pregnant. I’ve been meaning to post the pics that you and joel took but the early delivery got in the way. Hope to see you soon! Send my regards to Joel!

    • Hi, Chu! Yeah, duol ra jud.. but wala ko ka-visit pa nimo.. Sick sad ko this week — tonsilitis, colds and cough, and dili ko ganahan maka-takod.. Gwapito man kaayo inyong baby, Chu.

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