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A Morning of Breakfast Buffet & Flower Picking in Cebu City

Some special occasions happen only once a year, and often, we prepare for months in order to make that special occasion more special. There was a special occasion in my life recently and I prepared for it by buying a really lovely floral vintage dress.

I have thought of the outfit weeks before. But on the day itself, a Sunday, I woke up very early, before 6am (very early for me!) and got too lazy to wear the pretty dress and the whole outfit I have imagined for several weeks. So, I grabbed the most comfortable vintage dress I haven’t worn yet, did my eyebrows (as Divine Lee said, maiwan na ang bra, hwag lang ang kilay!)!

First off, we had buffet breakfast at the Marco Polo Hotel. I ate little the night before hoping my stomach would be really empty and I’d fill it with delicious breakfast fare the following morning. But I overestimated my eating powers. I could not go beyond my second plate and the first and second plates were not even full to the brim. (Tsk!) Maybe I should have stayed for another 2 hours and ate every 30 minutes or so. Of course, the food was delicious but I only ate 1 piece of Danish pastry, 1 piece of ham, 1 piece of sausage, 5 spoons of yogurt with mango, 3 spoons of rice, 1 piece of tapa, 1 spanish sardines, 1 piece of chorizo, and 3 spoons of sauteed eggplant — all of which I could have easily prepared at home. Boo for me.

Then, we took an almost-an-hour ride to the mountains, to Brgy. Taptap, to buy vegetables and pick flowers. The vegetables were some pesos cheaper, and there was pig roasting in the sidewalk that would be ready on lunch time.

We also went flower picking (rather, I went looking at the flower beds, and the flower farmer went to pick the flowers for me). We paid P30 for these violet asters. The locals are not tilling lands they own (and I could only shake my head).

I’m wearing vintage red checkered dress, thrifted quilted bag, and bringing P30 violet asters.



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