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Carbon Weekend Market

While there are many thrift shops in the city that sells relatively cheap and good vintage, I think the stalls in Carbon Market still offer the best prices and the most genuine vintage around town.


I have a suki and she just lets me sift through her vintage clothes while we talk about other things in life or while she and her husband eat lunch. She also always asks me why I’m interested in her clothes because most of her buyers are “old” people. Well, I’m an old person trapped in a middle-aged body. 😛 LOL

These pictures were taken when my friend and her sister went to Carbon Market one Sunday to have our fill of thrifting. We went home hungry, thirsty, sweaty, and happy with our hauls. The market is a good place to take pictures because it is bustling with life but I am not very confident to whip out any digital gadgets in the area for fear of thieves, so I brought along my trusty Vivitar IC-100 analog camera. Sundays are the best days to visit the market. Happy Sunday, and advance happy new year!


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