Life's A Beach
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Lambug Beach, Badian

Last week,  a close friend died. I realized we are never prepared for death. We know we will all die, but death will always come in an unexpected time and it will always come as a shock and leave us in a moment of disbelief. Even for  people we know who are dying, we always think, at the back of our minds, that they won’t die any minute soon. They will die later. And even if they do die later, we are still not prepared for it. My friend’s death made me recall the deaths of two other close friends in the last one and a half years (one died of drowning from Typhoon Pablo and the other of dengue), and I began to recall my last conversations with them and realized how meaningful they were. Despite their deaths, I am thankful our last conversations were positive so that I’d always remember them with fondness (and still a bit of pain in my heart).

So, life’s a beach. The tide rolls in and out. The water, calm today, maybe rough and unforgiving the next. Sometimes, we are thrown into an abyss of nothingness and, often, we drown. But life’s a beach, and the best way to enjoy it is — however you want to enjoy it — on the sand, sleeping underneath the scorching sun, or with a beer and the loves of your life.





Photos by Joel Lopez

Lambog Beach, Badian, Cebu


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