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District 50

We had a team meeting at a mall in Mandaue City. There was a robbery (and death) in the nearby corner, but my boyfriend and I have already agreed to have dinner at another mall that is located across our former office. I’ve heard of District 50 in my Facebook feed from friends, and I thought I should try the restaurant because it looked like the design is “vintage.” Indeed, there were vintage things scattered all over the restaurant, but I also wanted to see waitresses and waiters wearing 50s outfit (there were none). I guess “District 50” did not mean “50s fashion.”


Upon arrival, we seated ourselves at the Herbie. It was fun, I felt like a kid. I am sure my nephew would love it although the Herbie is not for playing, and it was cramped. We ordered drinks (just iced tea and orange juice, nothing fancy or alcoholic since it’s still a Tuesday).


You can see the staff preparing your meal. I love open shelving and white plates.


Frames of old family photos on the wall. Ahhh… These are sweet, although frames were too high I couldn’t see the photos clearly. I think it would be cooler to have the pictures enlarged so the 50s fashion would show!



The restaurant (or diner?) would be a cute place for prenuptial shoots.


Pork stew similar to humba/adobo. It tasted good, but I only ate a little of this because (i) I was too full from my snacks, (ii) I smelled “raw pork,” and (iii) I didn’t know what to do with all the sauce!


My boyfriend ordered balsamic chicken and it also tasted good, and also swimming in sauce. The balsamic was tangy.



District 50 is located at J Center Mall, 3rd floor, A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue, Cebu City.


Food: 3/5 (big serving, but the price  is expensive for the so-so taste)

Interior: 4/5 (too dim for me)

Service: 5/5 (very friendly and attentive)



  1. Psyche, my Korean friend here is crazy about anything vintage. I hope you get to meet her one day 🙂 And I want that Herbie sooo much!

    • I hope to meet her, Ef! 🙂 Maka-“buang” sad jud, in a way.
      Cute si Herbie, but huot man kaayo inside, dli kalihok among legs.

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