The Carcar Secret — The Best Pig in Town


Remember our quick trip to Carcar? I mentioned that the reason my sister and I ventured to the small city south of Cebu City was to have dinner. I told her that Carcar has the best lechon in the province. I’ve tasted several other best lechon (such as Rico’s lechon and CnT’s lechon) but I thought Carcar’s lechon was the most delicious because it tasted nearer to the way our lechons in Lazi tasted. Anthony Bourdain’s loss was that he only got to taste one kind of lechon and immediately declared it the best pig ever.

A friend of mine has already mentioned that the best lechons are in Carcar but it was not until last summer that I got to experience it — when my friends had their prenuptial photoshoot and when my workmates had our beach weekend.

It could be a “secret,” the way the stalls are hidden when you’re driving from the national highway. The lechon stalls are at the back of the Carcar Public Market, at the area they call “Cafeteria/Carenderia Section.” There are around 10 stalls and you can browse around. They’d give you a generous size for tasting, but I like the taste of the first stall’s lechon.





The vendors at Mercy and Roel’s lechon stall said they sold eight lechons that day (Wednesday) and can sell more than 10 lechons on a Sunday. They source their pigs from small pig growers (although I did not have the time to ask them if their lechons are organically grown). What make the Carcar lechon similar to Lazi lechon are the stuffing used — combination of green onions, garlic, and lemon grass. I love it and my mouth is watering just recalling the times I ate lechon.

TIP: This was shared by one of my workmates. When buying lechon, have the meat and the skin separately wrapped so that the skin will retain its crispness.


2 thoughts on “The Carcar Secret — The Best Pig in Town

  1. the best lechon evah! another tip. when going inside the market, bring puso and you’ll have an instant meal. lechon vendors would give you a piece of their skin for you to taste πŸ˜›

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