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Christafari in Cebu


I am not into music, but music is a huge part of my life, just like food. You see, my family (at least on my maternal grandmother’s side) has musical roots. My great-grandfather was a musician and a composer. He composed our island’s hymn, the Siquijor Island Hymn, and many other songs.

Many of my uncles and cousins inherited his ear for music. My siblings are music fans, they both sing well. As for me, well, my only bragging rights when it comes to music is: most of my elementary school years I was a member of the choir, singing for soprano, and our choir won all the competitions we joined. After graduating from elementary school, my music career was reduced to recordings in my mobile phones and solo concerts performed underneath the shower (very much like one of the characters in Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love).

I’ve listened to music all my life — either performed live by family or recorded by music artists — but I’m not obsessed with it. Admittedly, I can live without out it for days or weeks. But there are really times when I just need music to set the mood of my day. Music, to me, is important, but not essential. There one genre of music, though, that I’m crazy about..(hint: read title).

Reggae is the music of my soul and my heart. Corny, cheesy, but that is the least romantic way I can put it. Reggae has the ability to tear my heart out with every beat. I also read somewhere that reggae beat resembles that of our heart beat. I remembered the reggae music scene here in the city used to be alive and kickin, but I’m not very sure now, or maybe I’m just the one who’s out of the loop.

Last summer, my sister was home for vacation and my brother had a day-off on a Tuesday so we all went to the Pink House in Lahug to listen to some reggae music. The music was free and performed by Christafari, as a prelude to Cebu’s version of Fete de la Musique. I’m not very religious, but one thing I love about reggae is it’s ability to convey messages about a universal faith, a faith that transcends religion. That’s how the night went. Christafari was very generous in performing several songs (I thought they’d perform only four songs), so we enjoyed the night until we got hungry. See? Music and food.







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