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The Best Halo-halo in Town is in Sibonga

After visiting Carcar’s town center and Carcar’s now-out-in-the-open secret, we decided to drive a few kilometers further south to the town of Sibonga. I don’t know why we bothered to waste our gas to go to the next town, but our guide said Carcar doesn’t have any decent place to eat. From what I’ve seen passing through the city by bus countless of times, there doesn’t really seem to have any decent place to eat there. Maybe there are still many secrets in Carcar I need to discover.


So, we headed to Sibonga and arrived there at dusk. We parked  beside the town plaza, very well-maintained I must say, and did a rabbit jump shot. We ordered barbecue and puso (rice wrapped and cooked in coconut leaves) and drove to the nearby wharf to eat our dinner there.Very romantic, although you might need to bring some lights with you as you might choke with the food you’re eating coz the wharf is dark.



After our romantic, albeit dog-infested dinner (I hate stray dogs, local government should do something about them), we went back to the store where we bought our barbecue and puso to try their halo-halo because it is “the best halo-halo in town.” These words were at the front of the small store and we were eager to check whether the words are true. We were of course anticipating to be disappointed. The halo-halo (“mix-mix” in literal English) is a popular dessert in the Philippines. I don’t know a Filipino who doesn’t like halo-halo. While it’s not my favorite dessert, I’d gladly eat one if there’s available. To me, the halo-halo is the best representation of the Philippine islands — many different things combined to create a heavenly treat.

The halo-halo, according to famous Philippine historian Ambeth Ocampo, has Japanese origins. The halo-halo is a Filipinized version of Japan’s kakigori or snow cone. The halo-halo in Sibonga did not disappoint. DSC_1447



For only P55 for special and P40 for regular, we all walked out of the small shop telling each other that their halo-halo was indeed the best in town, if not the best we have eaten so far.



  1. Rose Villanueva says

    Mama’s choice halo halo and / or ice cream is so far the best I’ve tasted in the Philippines.

    • Is that a place somewhere? Or is that the halo-halo your mama prepares? It’s summer here already, and we can’t stop thinking about halo-halo.

      • Rose Villanueva says

        It’s an ice cream/halo halo (brand) made by Mama’s Choice. We got to taste this on our last vacation passing thru Guihulngan, Negros. A snack place by the same name MAMA’S CHOICE.

  2. candice acuna says

    Hello. I’m the City Information Officer as well as City Tourism Officer of Carcar City. I just would like to inform you that we are so disgusted by what you blogged about.. and I’m not only speaking for myself. Carcar City have numerous places to eat, we have restaurants and fast food chains. Maybe next time before you write something, please validate first. Have you not seen the fast food chains in Carcar like Jollibee, Mc Donalds and Orange Brutus? How about our Acacia Grill Restaurant? Would you like me to give a tour of our City?

    • Hi, Candice! I am disappointed that you are disgusted by what I blogged about. Because I love Carcar! And, yes, PLEASE, tour me around your beautiful city!

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