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Architecture and Scribbles in M.C. Briones Street, Cebu

The Senior Citizens’ Park in Cebu City is located at MC Briones Street. The street also offers many unexpected interesting sights and colors that I captured before capping our walk with an afternoon snack of buko shake and street pizza. MC Briones is a popular name in Cebu, but many would only know the name because there are several streets named after the person. Who is the person and why is he so important that streets are named after him. Read some tidbits after the photographs.









Tidbits on M.C. Briones — Who is the man? Why is he so important he has a street named after him?

M.C. Briones stands for Manuel Cabahug Briones. Mr. Briones was a one-time senator, once a candidate for vice president, and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (the first Cebuano). In short, he was an esteemed Cebuano, having served in all three branches of the government. According to a Freeman article, MC Briones was born to Pedro Cabahug and Engracia Briones but took Briones as his family name in honor of his uncle, Rev. Domingo Briones, who was his patron. Before he served the government, MC Briones was a journalist (at 17) and a lawyer. MC Briones and his legacy is celebrated every first Friday of January in Mandaue City, where he was born.


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