De Caffe Luwak

Yesterday, I decided to work outside the home. Although it was far, I went to JCenter Mall in Bakilid, Mandaue, across where our former office was located. Before arriving at the mall, I have decided to spend my afternoon at Bo’s Coffee, hoping they would have their delicious sandwiches. But there weren’t any at Bo’s. Thank heavens there was a nearby coffee shop. It was almost empty and looked clean, and there were no students studying inside. I am not against studying at coffee shops, but I was not in the mood for noisy discussions. So, I went inside De Caffe Luwak.luwak01




This is me. Taking a selfie using the Acer Crystal Eye app while drinking a tall cafe latte.


I was disappointed not to find any sandwiches at the caffe. I wasn’t craving for something sweet, and I always find that coffee is best when paired with something savory — to each his/her own on this one. There were honey breads, which reminded me of Cafe Noriter in Dumaguete which was the first place I tasted honey bread. There were cheesecakes (sorry, I don’t get that kind of dessert), big cupcakes with an intricate rose icing and sad-looking cookies at the bottom of the display counter. I chose a latte and a piece of cookie, none of which got me excited. I felt my stomach rumbling after having a few sips of the latte (too much milk) for me. And the cookies, well I don’t care for cookies either. But I stayed because I was not there for the coffee nor for the cookies.

The staff — Alvin and partner — was another story though. They were friendly and they played really good music (reggae, Jack Johnson). And they taught me ways how to recycle used coffee grounds. They knew a lot, and I am glad to know people who are recycling their waste. Their wifi was also great.

All photos, except the bottom, were taken by Joel Lopez.


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