Where to Stay in Bais City: La Planta Hotel


We sometimes choose the unlikeliest places as a destination. As an example, we went to Bais City in 2009. Bais City is famous for its dolphin-watching tours but we did not go there to watch dolphins, but to eat hotcakes and ice scramble and watch children play outside the public schools on a Friday afternoon. We also ate in carenderias, had too much greasy Birdie’s egg sandwich, and walked around town as if it’s as exciting as Paris! Well, we found Bais exciting — exciting is subjective, right? At night, we watched a basketball game, listened to a band play for senior citizens, and watched people put up Christmas decors. That’s Bais City, and we found it exciting.


Bais City’s economy prospered because of the surrounding sugarcane plantations. The Central Azucarera de Bais, which was established in the early 1900s. When we went there, not more than 5 minutes would pass when another truck full of cut sugar cane would pass by. The national highway is busy, especially at the center of the city, where Ceres buses, multicabs, trucks and people share space. I found the city well-preserved, given the still-standing and still-used old houses. The people are gentle, sweetened probably of the sugarcane.

Filipino omelette.
Spanish omelette.

For our accommodation, we had no choice but to book at the city’s hotel, La Planta Hotel. The hotel and coffee shop is located at Mabini St. The building you see from the street is the former power plant, which is now converted into a restaurant/coffee shop. The hotel, at the back of the restaurant and is partially hidden by greens, is a relatively new addition. The power plant was square, made of wood and had tall ceiling. We only ate breakfast at the hotel because we thought the price was a bit high. At that time, we both had egg omelet. I remembered mine was a Spanish omelet. I found the coffee shop wonderful, especially because of the old photos hung on one wall. Our room though was another story. The night we were there, it was raining hard, and the ceiling in our room’s bathroom was leaking. Boo. There’s a swimming pool in the hotel, but it was dirty the time we were there, probably because of the last night’s rain.


To contact La Planta: (035) 402-8321


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