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Archaeological Finds Behind the San Remegio Parish Church

The municipality of San Remegio is located in northern Cebu. After we stayed at Bunzie’s Cove for two days, we proceeded to Bogo and then to San Remegio to stay at another beach resort. The weather was gloomy by the time we arrived, but I was keen to exploring the town (or at least the areas near where the beach resort was located) because I spotted a sign of an archeological site. We then found out that the beach resort where we were staying was a few minutes walk from the town’s parish church, the San Juan Parish Church, after San Juan Nepomuceno, which, according to the Cebu archdiocese website, was established in 1864. The church, to me, looked new, probably because there are modern additions to the structure. When we were there, there were children practicing hymns for the next day’s mass.


At the back of the church was their grotto for the Virgin Mary.


I don’t know why I did this. For fun?

DSC_1750DSC_1752Found in San Remegio was an Iron Age burial site — a significant development to be added to our Philippine history. Jobers Bersales, archaeology professor of the University of San Carlos, said the San Remegio site, located at Lapyahan Beach and the church grounds, is the oldest Iron Age site in Cebu, dating 1,600 years ago. Too many years before the Chinese and the Arabs reached the shores of Cebu. There was a plan to create a museum to house the archaeological finds, but the time we were there, there was no museum in site yet.



  1. Wow! You took a great photo of my hometown church, Psyche. 🙂 When was this? I was there last September 21. As a child, we deemed that burial site as haunted because it’s an old cemetery though we never saw crypts or crosses until that excavation happened.

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