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Banilad Town Center (BTC) Sunday Market

The Banilad Town Center (BTC) Sunday market is one of the earliest farmers’ market I know in Cebu. This is where I learned that organic farming is not just a trend in Cebu but a sustainable livelihood for many farmers. This is where I learned that Cebu does not just have many local diners and restaurants, but also artisans who can make authentic regional and foreign food.


The Belgian waffle was recommended by my boyfriend’s brother-in-law. Even from afar, you’d be curious to know how it’d taste like because it smells so good. Too bad my boyfriend choose the strawberry filling because I am not a fan of it. But the waffle was crispy and, yes, delicious.


I wanted to buy a piece of each bread and pastry at La Panetteria Di Luigi but I know I could not consume everything. I only bought 3 pieces of ciabatta.


My boyfriend and I make fruit and vegetable smoothies at home but this was my first time to drink a juice with apples and fresh malunggay. While I found the juice tasty, it left my throat feeling scratchy and my stomach grumbling. A few days after, I had sore throat.

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