Around Argao in A Day

Argao is a place where many great people hailed from. The incumbent governor of the province of Cebu, Junjun Davide, for one, traces his roots to Argao. His father, Hilario Davide, was former chief justice of the Philippine Supreme Court. The late Cerge Remonde, press secretary to former Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, was also from Argao.






Suncake from Argao — my favorite

The name “argao” came from a humble medicinal plant called “sali-argaw” commonly found in the seashore of the place. From the humble place where the sali-argaw thrived, came many a great men and women who contributed so much not only to the province’s success, but also the whole country’s. Argao is also the hometown of a good friend. And on the eve of the feast of St. Michael, we visited the town and our good friend. After partaking of a sumptuous lunch at my friend’s cousin’s house, my boyfriend and I toured the town and checked out our favorite places.

Alex Kafe is our one of our favorite places to visit in Argao. And, believe it or not, my second next favorite place to visit is their public cemetery. Argao’s public cemetery is very organized and historical that it makes for a good place to muni-muni. I almost always visit Chitang’s not for their torta because I love another store’s torta but for their suncakes (a type of cookie made in Argao).


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