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Bazaars are popular this Christmas. They’re everywhere. But they’re not the ones I’m looking for. I am glad Zero Three Two organized Mercado Central, the kind of “bazaar” I am into to. The businesses are local and small and most sell handmade products. The food were also delicious, homemade and of high quality, and we were entertained by a group of ukelele-playing musicians. (If you don’t know, I used to play ukelele when I was young. It’s my kind of music).




We bought the two purses from ThimbleCap. The dotted one is actually a Kindle holder, but I don’t have a Kindle and I love it and I use it to protect the point-and-shoot camera I borrow from my sister and my vintage sunnies. My sister and I can’t stop admiring how clean the purse was sewn/made.


This is a 1995 book, but I find the writing still relevant, or at least already historical. The author is also someone we used as a source in college. This book was sold to me for P180. Too sad, the lady selling this only had a few books.


The best seller for my sister, my boyfriend and me. Cheeseburgers (P80)


Boiled Hungarian sausage in a bun. The sausage was delicious but my companions thought I should have asked for the ketchup and mayo.


Sticky rice with mangoes. I like the sticky rice but I didn’t like the mango syrup. This came with a lemongrass tea. P90 for sticky rice and tea.


This empanada (P30) was too salty for us.


Fall-of-the-bones ribs with rice (P100).

IMG_1928 IMG_1930

If you’re interested, the bazaar runs until tomorrow, Dec. 15. Hope you can still catch it — my recommended visits would be ThimbleCap for gifts you can give yourself and your friends (also visit Bile, for gifts you can give your boyfriend and brothers); the burger and ribs stall; the salad stall because the dressing is delicious; the milk tea stall for the dark choco milktea because I cannot taste the tea; and the creperie with the handsome French crepe man (I bought the salted caramel and bananas). I hope they have another round so I and my vintage shop can finally join. Happy Shopping!


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