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Short Trip to Siquijor

I went on a short trip to Siquijor last November (really a short trip because it did not last more than 24 hours) to bring candles, flowers and prayers for my loved ones who have departed. It is a tradition in our country to commemorate our dearly departed on the first two days of November. As I’ve said here, there are still many unexplored portions of the island, mostly coves and beaches that luckily have not yet been converted to beach resorts. These beach strips are our version of paradise.

DSC_1944DSC_1945DSC_1978 DSC_1956 DSC_1958DSC_1978DSC_1984DSC_1980

On a side note, the holidays are approaching. Our country, especially the Visayas region where I reside, has been hit by calamities the past months that we are still reading and crying over the loss and destruction of many lives. Many are still displaced and fearful, and I am sure many still don’t know if they have any remaining reason to celebrate the holidays. It would probably take us many years before we can resume our normal lives, but just like that, life has to go on. One of things I thought would help us bounce back is to boost tourism. A group in Bantayan spread around the concept of “voluntourism” which I think is a good idea.


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