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Taste of the South (Cebu) While in a Bus

The past two months, I’ve been traveling back and forth between Cebu and my home province of Siquijor, and one of the few modes of transportation is through a land-trip by a bus via the coastal road in southeastern Cebu. Each province, town, or city in the Philippines has a delicacy, a specialty food that usually is unique to that place — and southeastern Cebu is no different.

In fact, in my travels around Cebu province, I find that the southeastern part has a vibrant food culture and this food culture is kept alive by the numerous vendors hawking their edible wares inside passenger buses. In one of my travels by bus down the N. Bacalso South Highway, I decided to buy the delicacies sold by vendors just so I could document them and recall fond college memories when a friend and I made a thesis on the south’s delicacies.




The delicacies are baked, with the torta and the cookies probably using eggs you can consume in two weeks. These delicacies were probably very much Spanish-influenced, which is rightly-so because I think the southeastern portion of Cebu is the most Spanish-influenced portion of Cebu.

By the way, highway, the N. Bacalso South Highway runs from “the corner of Leon Kilat Street, along the bus terminal .. . up to the Municipality of Santander, Cebu” (BP 648) and was named after a Cebuano assemblyman.


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