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How to Spruce Up A Rental with Cheap Frames


Living in a rental is great for a lot of practical reasons, but could also be limited and limiting. I love my tiny apartment and it’s location, and while it doesn’t bother me that much, sometimes I feel constricted because my landlady prohibits attaching nails to walls. I am one to abide rules so I had to make do when it comes to decorating my “she-cave” using frames that were meant to be hanged. Because I could not afford art works (yet), I made do with what I think is art that I found from inexpensive sources.


I cut out a magazine page that said “Feel Beautiful” and framed it. I love how the frame would always remind me to feel beautiful, regardless of whether I’m just at home working.

DSC_6577 The charcoal sketch of the Manila Cathedral is a souvenir from when I went to Intramuros. I thought the black and white sketch matches the black frame and cream matting. I also love displaying the charcoal sketch because it reminds me of the good times I had in Intramuros and of the going back.DSC_6579The “Psyche” doodle was made by my cousin and colored by my nephew. My cousin who’s taking up medicine is a closet-artist just like her parents. I love displaying this art because it reminds me of my family, whom I love so much.


Lastly, I framed an old film photograph I took of a beach in Moalboal, Cebu, as a reminder of my love for traveling and the search for serenity.


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