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Boljoon in Colors

Happy Thursday! I have a #throwbackthursday post that has been sitting in my drafts folder for more than a year now. And, today, I’m finally going to push out this draft and share a not-very-conventional travel destination in the south of Cebu — Boljoon! 


A few years ago, my boyfriend and I visited the southern Cebu town of Boljoon for a weekend. It’s a very small town, and not a very popular tourist destination in the island. However, we always love the view we get from the bus when it strolls slowly in Boljoon’s seaside road. To get to Boljoon, we rode a bus from the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City and stopped at Boljoon’s public market. We booked a room at a resort called Mediong’s, which was just a few meters from the market. Mediong’s was one of the very few places offering overnight accommodations in the town and it had a swimming pool.

In this trip, I had just purchased a film camera and was very eager to test and put it into use. The camera, sadly, was damaged and is beyond repair, but, luckily, I have an aunt and uncle who just recently sent me two film cameras to let me continue to indulge in my hobby.

I’ve written a more nostalgic piece featuring more photos (although in black and white) from the same trip, and if you’re interested, you may find that post here.


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