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Impromtu Table Setting at Grandma’s House


My grandmother is an unbelievable hoarder. I know that’s very typical of most women (and most grandmothers) who find use for even the oldest and most dilapidated can or bottle in the house. My grandmother never throws things away, and it’s impossible to start a conversation with her on purging. Purging is not in her dictionary. Often times though, my grandma’s being a hoarder is put to good use, especially when it comes to impromptu events when we need to set her table for guests — even if it’s just family. 



By mixing and matching plates and bowls in my grandma’s house, and by picking flowers she grows in her backyard, we had an instant nice table setting to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. I wished my grandma removed the plastic from the table (no, the soup would spill and ruin her table cloth and table) and replaced the placemats (we needed to open 5 boxes before we can get new placemats), but, oh well, we had a blast.IMG_2446









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