Month: January 2015

The Value of Being Selfish

Political theories was a subject in college that I was not particularly interested in, except for the part when we discussed Thomas Hobbes, who I thought viewed human beings as self-centered and altruistic. Being a Filipino and being raised as the eldest daughter with two younger siblings, I was taught early in life to never be self-centered. I was taught to think of others, especially of my siblings — to share with them whatever I have, and to help them with whatever they need. Later on, that teaching extended to cousins, when my grandparents would repeatedly tell me to “become a role model to your cousins,” and to other people, when my parents would advise me to “help as much as you can because other people are not as privileged as you.” Advertisements

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Rocks Coffee-to-Go, Dumaguete

Last year, my boyfriend and I decided on a very short (half a day) trip to Dumaguete. I was in Siquijor at that time and my boyfriend who was visiting me was going back to Cebu and I decided to go with him to Dumaguete and tour the small city in half a day. There is not much to do in Dumaguete except eat (or visit friends and relatives), and on that particular day, we just decided to take leisurely strolls in the city’s downtown. The day before we took the trip, I decided we will have breakfast at Rock’s Coffee-To-Go at Silliman University. The coffee shop opens at 8:00, and the staff was bright and sunshiny and played a good set of music (reggae!) to accompany us.

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