Our Summer Wedding
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A New Chapter and A Love Story


The comfort room is not exactly the best place to find the man you would spend the rest of your life with. But that is how I met my ex-boyfriend, and now, my husband.


We were employed by a small BPO company (at a time when BPOs were not yet trendy), and our office had only one comfort room, with separate toilets for men and women. One mid-afternoon, I took a break from work to go to the comfort room to breathe. Somebody bumped me in the head. Out of embarrassment, I hurriedly went inside the women’s toilet to hide. I was inside for a couple of minutes, praying that the somebody has gone and would not realize it’s me.


Unfortunately, or fortunately, that somebody was still outside, waiting for me. He apologized, and I was so afraid because I knew that instant he would be the man I would spend the rest of my life with.


I was afraid because it could not be true. He could not be there facing me, three dimples showing and some tangles from his long hair, apologizing to me. I was afraid because I was 20 years old and I should be living my life as a single post-grad adult. I was more afraid because I didn’t know him — his name, who he is, but I was so sure he would be the one.


A few months after, we had our first date. An accidental, impromtu date just like the many dates we would have after. He invited me to a wall climbing event (he was into the sport), but while on our way to the event, he said he would have a date at a bakery/coffee shop. Me being honest said I don’t want to eat cake as it’s almost dinner time and suggested we eat pizza instead. After our date, we walked around IT Park, which was still very quite then, and he held my hand.


Fast forward to eight years together… There was the Oct. 15 earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda, we decided to marry!! 😀



  1. i never understood when people told me “you’d know if he’s the one” until i met my husband. it’s a very vague feeling but they were right all along.

    indeed, you just know.

    congratulations, you guys! =)

    p.s. at least the memory of the earthquake wasn’t all a bad one for you.

    • Thank you for the congratulations! The earthquake literally shook as so bad we decided we have to spend the rest of our lives together, instead of apart. Hehe.. Hi!

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