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P300 Flower Arrangement

It is not a surprise that once in a while I would indulge in a post solely about flowers. I have always loved flowers, especially because my grandmother grows lots of flowering plants in her home. When I do my weekly groceries shopping at the wet market, I often make sure to buy flowers to brighten up our tiny home. To inspire me, I browse the net, most especially Pinterest, and look through florists’ websites, like BloomNation (a website for florists that offers flower delivery) and magazines.

Last July was my mother-in-law’s birthday and while it is a great idea to give her clothes or jewelry, I know flowers never fail to put a smile on anyone’s lips. So, I decided to make a flower arrangement for her. I bought P300-worth of flowers and used a clear vase I thrifted from a surplus shop several months ago. There were enough flowers for two more flower arrangements, which I placed in our tiny kitchen and work table.

DSC_7250 DSC_7249

The first arrangement for my MIL. I don’t even know flowers by their name. For as long as they’re beautiful and fits a person, I pick them.

DSC_7254 DSC_7252

The second arrangement for the kitchen. I used a white ceramic vase that I bought several years ago.

DSC_7255 DSC_7257

The third arrangement for the work table. These are statice, a bit expensive at P150 per bunch, but they last a long time. In fact, the arrangement of statice I made in July is still on display in our living room..


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