Mandaue Foam Watercolor Workshop with Meream


Last Saturday, my husband and I attended Mandaue Foam‘s Boho-themed watercolor workshop with CraftCEB and Bored and Crafty’s Meream Pacayra. It’s been a long, long time since I last painted with watercolor (OK, the truth is, the last time I painted with watercolor was in kindergarten). What attracted me to the workshop were two things: (1) Meream and (2) the P500 registration fee. Meream of Bored and Crafty and Thimble Cap is, what I consider, my arts and crafts idol. Her Instagram account (@boredandcrafty) is filled with her daily projects, which, for an arts and crafts enthusiast like me, is inspiring.


We paid P500 for registration — and everybody thought it was sulit! What came with the registration fee was Meream’s 4-hour workshop, an 8-color Reeves moist color pan set, 2 Reeves brushes (sizes #6 and 14), a Faber Castell #2 pencil, an eraser, 6 pieces of pre-cut watercolor paper, a personalized name tag, an Art of MF (#artofmf) bag, a vintage-inspired Mandaue Foam frame and snacks. The money we spent was worth it because we enjoyed every second of the workshop. I also got to meet some schoolmates and new people.


Most of the people who attended the workshop were crafters and arts people. What I loved about the workshop was there were only very few of us so we had the chance to talk to each other, share jokes and tips, and ask Meream a lot of questions about watercolor painting. I consider myself a beginner in terms of watercolor painting (with zero drawing skills) so I was pretty impressed with what I came up with.




My husband was the lone wolf in the workshop and everybody thought he was the best husband to support me. (The portrait is his work, not mine). The truth is — I was there to support my husband as he is the one who went to the workshop with specific plans to apply the skills he would learn. Mandaue Foam said they will be holding more workshops in the future, including a flower arrangement workshop. If you want to keep updated of activities organized by Mandaue Foam (and products and sale announcements, as well), follow their Instagram account (@mandauefoam) and their Facebook Page.


2 thoughts on “Mandaue Foam Watercolor Workshop with Meream

  1. the framed paintings look lovely! i, too, have zero drawing skills but i’d sure love to learn to paint — oil, watercolor, whatever. my husband’s the naturally artistic one. he says i can always learn to paint if i just dedicate myself but i always contest that it take some form of talent somehow.

    but kudos to us for trying anyhow. hehe. cheers!

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