Circa 1900, Heritage and Food in Cebu

Sanjercasvil Road, which stands for Sanson, Jereza, Castillo and Villa, is a pocket road in Lahug, Cebu City. Joel, who lived in Apas, a neighbor barangay, used to come here to play and would always relate to me the corn fields in the area. Sanjercasvil Road is a heritage road based on the number of heritage houses dotting the area. This is where the famous Circa 1900 is located.

The first time I stepped into Circa 1900’s ground, I felt transported back in time and remembered the first few pages in Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) when Crisostomo was dining with guests and eating chicken tinola, with Padre Damaso getting the least-liked chicken cuts. I thought I heard the strings of a farway guitar or the melancholic notes of the piano coming out from one of the grand house’s windows. I loved the heritage house and how the new owners preserved as much as they could.

circa01circamenu01DSC_7510 DSC_7522 DSC_7528DSC_7527I love that the restaurant has a rural feel to it. It makes you feel like you’re living in the province and the nearby lands is your farm (or hacienda). The food is excellent, as well, although expect to pay a bit more. Many may think the restaurant is expensive but I find the food really, really good. Joel and I would recommend the aglio olio with tuna spaghetti (which we now know would be by special order only), the pork belly in apple compote, the maja blanca cheesecake and the beignets. We think the food is gourmet-version of home cooked. We also love their mango shake and iced coffee. Aside from the food, we also love how their staff is very accommodating, friendly and courteous.

We think the best time to go there is mid-day for merienda because the place is not very busy. The calmness of the surroundings + your view of the city greenery will make you wish Circa 1900 is also a hotel. For dinner, we suggest you make a reservation ahead because the place could be closed off to walk-ins due to events. Check out Circa 1900’s Facebook page or call them at (032) 239-6265 or 0923-279-5616.


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