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WEDDING 101: Circa 1900 Wedding Package


Because I could not get over how wonderful Circa 1900 is, I’m allotting one special blog just for their wedding package and the process we went through to have the best menu for our wedding. Circa 1900 is not a budget wedding venue in Cebu City, but it is worth every penny you pay for (and even more). Read on if you want to know why.

circamenu01When we first visited Circa 1900 on May 1, 2014, there was no in-charge because it was Labor Day. A few days after, we visited again and talked with Drei. There was no wedding package at that time but he promised, and delivered, CIRCA 1900’s WEDDING PACKAGE a few weeks after. The package has three options: P695 per person, P850 per person, and P1,000 per person.

What are included in Circa 1900’s wedding package?

1. Free use of the venue for 4 hours. Succeeding hour will be charged P1,000 per hour. The good thing about this is that our “time” didn’t start at the time our ceremony, which was held in their garden, started. Our ceremony started 10:30 but the time count started at 11:00 a.m. when the lunch buffet was opened.

2. Free use of the holding room for the bride. The holding room is a small room, which was formerly the horses’ stable. The night before the wedding, we already used the holding room to arrange the flowers and store our things. On the day of the wedding, my cousins went to the venue early because they want to “chill” in the holding room, which was fully air-conditioned.

3. Free use of the sound system with 2 wireless microphone and 2 wired microphone. The sound system also includes free use of Circa’s piano. My uncle had a blast playing the piano the whole time the reception was going on.

4. 1 bottle of sparkling wine. I forgot who finished the bottle but I remembered the wine being sweet and not overwhelmingly alcoholic.

In addition, Circa did not charge us corkage for two lechons but informed us that an additional lechon will cost P500. Moreover, wines will be charged P250 per bottle while whiskeys and spirits will be charged P500 per bottle. Circa has a great selection of wines and they would gladly recommend wines to suit your taste and your budget. We initially planned to get additional bottles of wine but opted for another drink instead. There is also no corkage for dessert buffets.

What does the P695 per person include?

1 x Soup
1 x Appetizer
2 x Salad
1 x Pasta
3 x Main Course
1 x Vegetable
1 x Rice
2 x Dessert

We had several visits to Circa to finalize the menu. We made several changes to the menu because we wanted to ensure that no food will be left uneaten. Let me explain this. Circa’s food is very delicious but I understand that there will be many of our guests who wouldn’t find their food as delicious as my husband and I do. What I mean is, each person’s taste is different. In line with this, we had to revise our menu to make sure each one of our guests will have something to eat. We decided to omit the soup because it is lunch time and we are afraid no one wants to have soup for lunch on a summer day. Also, we also had to revise the menu because there are certain traditions that my elders wanted me to follow, such as no vegetables because vegetables wilt and no one wants a marriage to wilt, and definitely no chicken because a chicken is “isang kahig, isang tuka.” If you’re Filipino, you’d know that idiom is synonymous to being poor.

We had our food tasking two weeks before the wedding, and I had a severe case of SSB (sakit sa baboy). My husband and I wanted to roll in Circa’s floor because we were so full in the stomach and truly looking forward to sharing the same meal with our guests. We even still had to revise the menu, one last time, after the food tasting to change the beef dish because we have several guests who we know will have problems successfully eating beef. We had a chat with Chef Steve and he was even joking about  our dilemma.


Our final wedding menu was:

Appetizer 1 — fresh lumpia ubod with shrimps and pork belly
Appetizer 2 — Japanese maki rolls with tuna, salmon, crabstick, egg, mango & vegetables
Appetizer 3 — fried pork and shrimp spring rolls with hoisin peanut sauce

Pasta — spaghetti aglio olio with tuna, basil, arugula and olive oil

Main 1 — snapper fillet escabeche
Main 2 — slow roast pork belly with apple compote
Main 3 — beef salpicao with mushrooms

Rice 1 — steamed rice
Rice 2 — Thai vegetable fried rice

Dessert 1 — maja blanca cheesecake
Dessert — beignets with chocolate and coconut sauce

The menu also included one round/glass of soft drinks..but my guests told me they asked for more than two rounds of soft drinks and they got more than two glasses of soft drinks.

A copy of Circa 1900’s Wedding Package is available HERE.

What’s our overall verdict? Circa 1900 is excellent. The food is delicious and they are very accommodating and understanding to our needs. We thought that the services that we received were more than the amount we paid. Moreover, our guests were singing praises of the food. Also, Circa prepared food containers for any leftover food. And, as further proof we love Circa, we keep coming back!!!




  1. Januarie Aguja says

    Hi there!

    I’m thinking of holding my wedding ceremony and reception in Circa, very much like yours. Was the whole restaurant closed to accommodate the event? What were your experiences with the venue and staff? Was there anything you would have changed? Hoping for your feedback! Thanks 🙂

    • Hello, Januarie! Sorry for the super late reply. At the time of our wedding, there was another event held at their ground floor room but it was a small event — an engagement party — so there were not many guests. We also had our wedding at 10:30 in the morning, so there were not many people. They did not accept walk-in visitors on the day of our wedding. The staff were AMAZING. They are very helpful, friendly, courteous, not just to us but also to our guests. As to what I would have changed, I would have loved for the wedding party to extend through the night. 🙂

  2. Hi! Would you know up to how many guests they can accommodate?
    Thanks. Great blog by the way 😃

    • Hi, Mae! Thank you, and thank you for dropping by. Ours was 120 guests and that was their maximum at that time for indoor dining.

  3. Hi! I am looking at possible venues for my wedding. But ours will be a very intimate wedding, with a maximum of 50 guests only. Will they accommodate a small group for a reception?

    • Hi, Vina! Yes, I believe they will accommodate a small group. I think they have no minimum number of people required for a booking. They only gave us a maximum number of people, which was 110.

    • Yes, we opted for the buffet style wedding. But I think you can have yours customized. Just talk with Drei, their events manager, and I’m sure you can work things out.

  4. Hi, may I know their location? I’m quite confused when I searched it on google. the address is in Manila Grand opera hotel?. When I check the manila grand opera hotel website Circa 1900 bar and restaurant is listed as one of their facilities. Thanks.

  5. Emma Ruth Gallos says

    Their food is GREAT! The vibes of the area is very TRANQUIL and PERFECT for an intimate wedding. I booked this place for my wedding this August and I am very excited because I know I won’t regret choosing Circa 1900 as my venue for one special day of my life 🙂

    • You won’t regret it, I promise! Congratulations and hope you don’t get too stressed with the wedding preparations. 🙂

      • Emma Ruth Gallos says

        Oh, I am now. Hahahahaha! If everything seems chaotic inside my head, I just head to my bed and sleep. Thanks anyway.

  6. Grace says

    Just want to know how much is the lowest package you can offer to us,with 50 guests all in all.

    • If they have not increased their prices since three years ago, the package should start at P700 per person. Best to contact them to see if they have more affordable options.

    • Pastel says

      Hello Grace! We just had our wedding reception at Circa 1900 last December 2017. They already have a price increase with their package. We were fortunate that we had ours booked and confirmed January 2017, way way ahead. We were not affected by the price increase. If I am not mistaken, the minimum rate for the package is 1000+/head. Other than the price increase, everything was perfect. And oh by the way, we availed of the bread buffet instead of the usual cocktails prior to dinner. It was great as well.

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