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U-Story, Mix of Eclectic and Mystic

Christmas time, we were able to spend it in my home town, Lazi, Siquijor. The days went by in a blur but we managed to squeeze in family and friends time and visit one of the local resorts in the island.


There are now many options, although the price range equals those of Cebu and Boracay. We decided to visit U-Story Guesthouse in Tag-ibo, San Juan, and I’m glad we did because the place is magical. There is an entrance fee of P200 per person, excluding children, and the total amount is consummable. It’s a pretty expensive entrance fee given there is no swimming pool for the children and there is no shoreline. The entrance fee, however, totally made up for the taste and quality of food we ordered.

The food is not inexpensive but the servings are huge. One dish can feed two hungry people and three not-so-famished people. The crepes are big but I don’t recommend sharing because one person can finish it anyway, or, in the case of my nephew who is a crepe-lover, two.

The first time we went there, we were treated by a friend and I ordered pasta bolognese, which was really huge my eyeballs almost popped out. It was also very delicious — sweet and tangy and I can really taste the beefiness of the bolognese. I ordered clubhouse sandwich for my husband and he loved it except for the huge slices of onions because he is not a fan of onions.

The second time, we went there as a family and for a group of six adults, one teen-ager, and two children, we paid P1,700 for 2 orders of cheeseburger, 2 orders of banana split, 2 clubhouse sandwiches, 2 crepes with one extra serving of ice cream. I think we went home happy. And looking forward to our next visit.


Oh, and if you’re wondering why the title of this post is “Mix of Mystic and Eclectic,” it is because U-Story is owned by a Siquijodnon man and a French woman. The resort is small and very warm, with lots of comfortable nooks that you can read a book with or drift away to dreamland. And.. it gives you a good, really good, superb view of the Siquijor sunset. If the food does not make you come back for more, the dimming of the day, in the most beautiful way known to mankind, definitely would.


U-Story Guesthouse
Tag-ibo – 6226 Siquijor – Philippines
00 63 92 66 85 85 86



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