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French Breakfast at Rollin’ Pin, Dumaguete

In one of our recent trips to Dumaguete this year, we arrived in the city early and sought out Rocks Coffee-to-Go for breakfast and to check our work emails while waiting for our boat to Siquijor. Sadly, when I inquired about the coffee shop, they have closed. So my husband and I went out of Siliman University and walked a few steps to find another breakfast place. Good thing we chanced upon Rollin’ Pin because we think we have found a new favorite in Dumaguete.


The food was not superbly delicious and the coffee was so-so, but the breakfast meal was huge and super affordable. We ordered an American breakfast (2 slices bread, 2 eggs, bacon, cheese, and butter), Beef Tapa (rice, 2 eggs, and beef tapa) and 2 cappuccinos (with 1 pack Lotus Biscoff biscuit) for breakfast, and we were billed only P440. That is not so bad considering we did not feel hungry until dinner time even after riding a boat for 1 hour and a jeepney for another hour. Their breads and pastries (most are French-inspired) are also affordable. The staff were also accommodating and friendly.


We also appreciated the fact that the place was quite despite it being just near the road. We had a great time and we will definitely be eating there when we come back.



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