Museum of Naive Art, Cebu

West Gorordo Hotel is one of the many small hotels in Cebu City. It can often be overlooked because it is not situated in a prime hotel location (Business Park or Fuente Circle). The hotel is one of the three permaculture-inspired hotels in Cebu (the other two are Elicon House and Mayflower Inn) and houses the Museum of Naive Art (MoNA), which displays the art works of Paulina Constancia. We have been meaning to visit MoNa but never got the chance until Gabii sa Kabilin 2016.


The main attraction of the hotel during the Gabii sa Kabilin 2016 was of course the MoNA. There were a lot of the artist’s works on display. Before entering the gallery, guests are ushered to a small room for an introduction to “naive art.” We were glad we paid attention to the short video because it helped us in the next activity. Guests were also allowed to visit the artist’s studio, but we opted to go directly to the gallery.


At the gallery, we decided to join the treasure hunt, which was a lot of fun, although our eyes were strained in trying to look for the art works included in the hunt. What we didn’t expect were the prices. Joel got a mug for getting 15 correct answers and Psyche got an Ikea food container for getting 14 correct answers.


There was also free gelato. Joel choose mango and Psyche, of course, choose choco-mint.


There was a demonstration on nilusak making, but, sadly we were not able to have a taste because it was not yet done. Guests, including us, were all happy. We thought West Gorordo Hotel had the best production during our Gabii sa Kabilin 2016 trip. The staff were very, very friendly, and generous too!

*** If you want to know more about the Gabii sa Kabilin event, which I think is a must-see/participate in Cebu, read my guide to this once-a-year event that I highly anticipate.


West Gorordo Hotel
110 Gorordo Avenue
Cebu City, Philippines 6000
Tel: 032.231-4347 to 49
Mobile: 0917.624-5151




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