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Dinner at the Tiny Apartment

We have a tiny apartment — only 18 square meters. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying other people’s companies. Most days, it’s just me and my husband, and before one year ago, it was just me. We have my family stay with us when they visit us from Siquijor (all four of them), we also have my cousins when they are here in Cebu, and we also love playing hosts to my husband’s family. At one point, we have had probably 15 people inside for my birthday party. How do you host a dinner party in a tiny apartment?

You just call people up, buy or cook food, and you eat. That’s it! 🙂 Truly, you only have to invite people so you can have dinner in your house. It will be crammed and probably a little warmer than usual so get ready your fans. The first time we invited my husband’s family for dinner, it was fiesta-style — no tables. The second time, we thought we can use our work table and convert it into a dining table. It is narrow, but it is definitely better than eating with your plate on the lap. We also ate at our tiny living room because we cannot comfortably sit six adults in our tiny kitchen/dining room.


For our menu, we served simple and tried-and-tested dishes. My husband and I are no cooks. His mother and sister are better cooks, but don’t be intimidated! Relax! You can always order. 🙂




We served rice, of course, baked pork belly, chili bombs, pancit guisado, and yema cake that we ordered from Cardinal Bakeshop. We also served some fruit drink, I think it was a margarita.

My favorite part was table setting. Hahaha. Mismatched chairs, don’t care!



Plate – SM Home (2 for P50), utensils (Grandma’s wedding gift), floral napkin (Borussia), artichoke place card holder (Domesticity), drinking glasses (Muji), and table cloth (flea market, P50).


The industrial rack we bought on sale at TruValue also doubled as a buffet table. Pink chair (Ikea), wooden chairs, bench and table (custom-made), crochet bench cover (my Grandma’s).

When hosting a dinner at home, my only advice is — relax and enjoy. Dining at home allows you to listen to each other without the noise other people are making. You also do not have to hurry eating. And, chances are, you will be spending less.



  1. i hope you invite me for dinner pud! 😀 asa mo nag order sa chili bombs? 😀
    nindot daw ang floral crowns 🙂

    • Gihimo ra namo, Lar. Sili spada, ham, cheese, and lumpia wrapper, dayon gi-fry. 🙂 Thank you sa feedback sa floral crowns.

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