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Hidden Beach, Aloguinsan

Last weekend, my team mates and I had an outing. We thought it would be fun to check out the Bojo River tour but we wanted to stay over night in Aloguinsan and the only place we can afford was Hidden Beach. Why it’s called Hidden was pretty obvious when we knew the place is about 5 minutes by car from the main road.


If coming from Mantalongon, Barili, Hidden Beach is about 10 minutes from the Aloguinsan municipal hall. Do not miss the sign because it was quite “hidden” from plain sight. The road to the beach is a dirt road and gets muddy when it rains. You will know you have come to the right place when you see some flags hung in trees.


My team mates inspected the rooms first before we checked in. They agreed that the rooms were bare minimum and not nice, but we didn’t have a choice as there are few accommodation options in Aloguinsan (there is Al Maxi Apartelle and Lunhaw Farm Resort). The above photo is Hidden Beach resort’s current rates. We paid a total of Php2,030 for 11 people and we rented out: 1 fan room (which is good for 2 but 5 of our team mates slept there) for Php600, 1 bamboo cottage (2 people slept there) for Php600, charge for two tents (our own) Php200, and entrance fee for 9 people Php 630 (two people were free from the entrance fee because we rented one room.




This was the bamboo cottage where we ate, talked and where 2 of our team mates slept during the night. Price: Php600

Let me share my “good” and “bad” review of Hidden Beach resort:


  • There are no reservations. It is a first-come-first-served basis. We went there on a Friday, and, luckily, we were the only people in the beach during our stay.
  • There are no group rooms. The rooms can only accommodate 2 people. Three is okay, but five in one room is stretching it too far.
  • There are no toilets near the beach. The common toilets and bath are near the owner’s house, which was about a hundred meters walk from the beach.
  • There are no trash cans in the beach. We placed our trash in plastic bags but we didn’t have an idea where to throw them when we checked out. The owners advised us to just leave the trash there. When we arrived, we saw two piles of trash — one at the sand and one on top of one table.
  • The toilets and shower rooms are less than decent. I got into one toilet and I had trouble coming in and going out because the door got stuck in the floor. The shower room I used had no ledge where I can place my toiletries and the hook for my clothes were too near the shower that they got wet when I splashed water to my face.
  • The pathway going down the beach is slippery when wet.
  • There were several dogs. About five, and they sniffed our food. And, well, I don’t like dogs.
  • The beach is not a private beach. The rooms are on a private lot, but the beach is public. Anyone can access the beach from other points. We were warned of thieves.


  • We had the place to ourselves. Because it was a Friday and July is already rainy season, there were no other bookings.
  • There is a covered structure for grilling and cooking.
  • There was someone who guarded us during the night.
  • We were not able to see the sun set during our stay, but I’m sure, if it was a good summer day, the sunset would have been awesome.


Some photos by Joel Lopez.




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