Hermit’s Cove, Aloguinsan

P.S. Please forgive me because I slept the whole time my teammates were exploring the beach… Anyway, after Bojo River, we decided to take the extra 2 kilometers to check out Hermit’s Cove, because, according to one of our teammates, it might be long when we can come back..


The truth is, I was no longer ecstatic on our way to Hermit’s Cove. I actually already wanted to spend the rest of the day lounging at Bojo River because I was too full. I felt like a snake who just swallowed a pig or a pig who just swallowed a snake. And, the road to Hermit’s Cove didn’t look promising either. It was unpaved very narrow, with the van barely fitting the span of the road.

The view to the cove, however, was another story. We had to let our teammate, who was driving, to slow down because we wanted, not to take photos, but to just savor the sight. We were on top of the hill and there were valleys and small rolling hills, Tanon Strait and Mt. Kanlaon. It was a good thing we were there during the rainy season because the past summer was El Nino and, I’m sure, there would have been no green in sight.


The Hermit’s Cove is part of the Aloguinsan Eco-Tourism program. So there are rules and regulations, and fees to be paid. There is a Php100 entrance fee, with free use of cottages. There are also grilling stations at the beach. The showers and CRs though are not for free. You have to pay a minimal fee for maintenance. There is also a limit as to the swimming area because they are letting the corals grow back. There was a time when they allowed overnight stay at Hermit’s Cove but the place got dirty and the corals were destroyed. So they are letting it grow back now.

If you do not want the hassle of driving from Bojo River to Hermit’s Cove, you can let the boats at Bojo take you to Hermit’s Cove (but they only allow this during good weather) or you can rent Bojo River’s glass-bottomed boat to view the corals. This will cost you an additional P1,500 for one glass-bottomed boat.

I apologize if I do not have photos of the beach. I was happily dreaming away at the reception area despite the heat of the sun. That means I have a reason to go back.

Where to stay in Aloguinsan? Try Hidden Beach.

Other places to see in Aloguinsan? Try The Farmhouse or the eco-tourism gem, Bojo River tour.

First photo by Joel Lopez.


5 thoughts on “Hermit’s Cove, Aloguinsan

  1. Since bata pa ko, karon naminyo nalang intawon, wala jud naatiman ang kalsada diri. Pero nindot ning Hermit’s Cove Ms.Psyche, niagi ra mi then quick stop, but I told Mama mobalik unya mi diri puhon.

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