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Coffeechella by Bo’s Coffee

Last July, Bo’s Coffee, an institution in the coffee shop industry in the Philippines, organized the first-ever Coffeechella to celebrate its 20th year in business. Bo’s has been an important part of my life in the city and has somewhat influenced me to become a good and conscious coffee drinker.


I came here in the city when I was 13 years old. That was 1997. I was to study high school here. I have lived in Siquijor my whole life but I have frequented Cebu City since I was child  accompanying my grandparents. I was not a coffee drinker because my grandma said I will not grow tall. It was not until I got comfortable in the city that my foodie adventures began. As to the coffee shop culture, I admit, my first introduction was with another coffee kiosk, which no longer exists as of this writing. I got introduced to Bo’s in college when we would walk from our school to Ayala to have breakfast.



Circa 2011. Bo’s at Mactan International Airport.


Circa 2012. Bo’s at MOA. I was trying to spot some celebrities and ended up watching Ramon Bautista host an event. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Since then, Bo’s has been my go-to place for all occasions — birthdays, study nights, work days, deadlines, meetings, coffee with friends. Bo’s was witness to my love stories, my family stories, my friends stories. Bo’s was witness to the many times I celebrated the big and small successes in life, and the many days of sadness, fear, and pain. Even when there was nothing to celebrate, and nothing to be sad about, I went to Bo’s because it is familiar, it is homey, it is home. Wherever I travel, I seek Bo’s. Like seriously. I keep myself updated of their many branches in the country. And when I am in the counter, I always order a caramel latter or a caramelo, depending on the caffeine needs of the day.

The Coffeechella event was a great event for loyal customers like me who welcomed adulthood with a Bo’s coffee cup in hand. It was also a great event to welcome young people who are becoming adults and welcoming adulthood. It was also a good time to learn more about Bo’s — the company is not just a coffee shop. It is also a local company that uses local coffee beans and partners with local entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to Bo’s, and hope you’ll stay for another 20 or more years!



  1. ASipoftheCity says

    I love this post! I blog a lot about coffee and sometimes it feels like a silly thing to do. It’s good to know that other people find comfort and value in coffee, and recognize that coffee is a lot more than a drink – it’s central to so many of our communities and relationships.

    • Hi! Sorry for this late reply, I missed to see this. I agree. It seems, nowadays, coffee is a social climbing activity when it should just be a communal activity that forges bonds of families and friends.

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