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Gardens by the Bay (For $3)

Gardens by the Bay is a quintessential Singapore landmark. It is also an engineering and science wonder because the city garden aims to be self-sustaining. The super groves (the big Avatar-ish trees) are not just decorative structures, they are also enormous solar power absorber, which powers the flower dome and the cloud garden. It is not just a popular tourist place, it is an epitome of 21st century living — environmental sustainability.


The Gardens was our last stop in our Singapore trip and I can say it was not my thing because, first, I have no green thumb. I would know my grandmother would appreciate the many orchids there although I would bet she has seen all variety of Southeast Asian orchids in her travels already. I’m also sure my green-thumbed cousin would appreciate the gardens because he would know each plant and would know how easy it is to grow them.



Fees: Free. Entrance to the garden is free. But entrance to the flower dome and the cloud garden is not. You have to pay SG$28.00 (if you’re an adult foreigner) and SG$15.00 (for foreign children) to visit the two gardens. We paid SG3.00 for the tram ride, which will take you to and from the main entrance to the flower dome entrance.

How to Get There: I only know one way — from the Bayfront train station. You just follow the directions in the subway and it will lead you right to the entrance of the gardens.

Must or Not: Must. Only because entrance to most of the gardens is free and there are many picturesque places. The garden, I think, would even be lovelier by night (as most of Singapore’s downtown area is). The bridge to the super grove trees provide a good view of the Singapore Flyer (the big ferris wheel) and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel ship.





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  3. is a mesmerizing scene in the night when the Supertrees come alive with light and the Garden Rhapsody Show is mind blowing. OCBC Skyway costs $8 but can be avoidable as the view of the city skyline gets blocked by the Marina Bay Sands.

    • I, unfortunately, was not able to stay until evening at the Gardens because I was already too tired. I was not able to see the lights anymore. I have not passed through the OCBC Skyway also, or is that the skyway between Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay?

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