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Mt. Faber and Henderson Waves

The original title of my Singaporean trip was “The Little Piggies Went to Search for the Seven Merlions” or “The Search for the Merlions” or “Finding Merlions.” The itinerary I made was supposed to revolve around the seven official merlions in the country (I learned from the Your Singapore website that the Singapore government owns the merlion trademark and no one, yes, no one, can create a merlion without the government’s approval).DSC_3647

The search was not successful though because of immigration delay coming in to Singapore from Melaka. I was just glad we were able to go to Mt. Faber after our seventh cable car ride as I was able to say “hi” to the fourth official merlion in the city-state. I think Mt. Faber is not a very popular tourist destination in Singapore as it was almost empty when we were there except for some Chinese tourists who had fun taking turns hugging the super white (and super clean) merlion. But before walking to Mt. Faber, we made a stop at the Bell of Happiness just near the Aprons & Spuds restaurant. I rang the bell for happiness. I was indeed happy that day. In fact, I was happy the whole time I was traveling with my husband, siblings and cousins. Who wouldn’t?



Happiness and love. I guess they always go together.


After ringing the bell of happiness and sitting down to catch my breath, we proceeded to Mt. Faber (about 150 meters from the bell). Along the way, you’ll see an older version of the cable car for display. I think you could take photos but for some reason, I didn’t take any.


The legend of Singapore in one wood sculpture.


Mt. Faber, according to the National Parks website, is one of the oldest parks in Singapore. The website said it is a popular tourist destination. It might be but the time we were there, which was a Tuesday, it was almost empty, which was great! What I loved about the park was the presence of trees. It provided a cool respite and a stark contrast to the almost barren Sentosa Island. An interesting feature of Faber Point are the directions (one arrow was even pointing to Manila). DSC_3662

DSC_3661After we were done eating our snacks at Faber Point (we bought snacks from 7-11 in Sentosa), our cousin invited us to go to Henderson Waves. My toes were already burning in my shoes by this time but I still walked about 500 meters to the engineering marvel that was Henderson Waves. It’s like a bridge only it was designed to look like  a big wave. The Henderson Wave, so is Mt. Faber, is part of a bigger nature park. If you love jogging, hiking, biking, or just strolling with nature, this is the place for you. I appreciated the melding of modern Singapore and nature. DSC_3667DSC_3668DSC_3670DSC_367114011712_10204929368393113_246585223_n

Fee: Free! I’m not actually sure because we entered Mt. Faber through cable car and we were not asked for any entrance fees. My cousin who frequently jogs in the park did not mention of any entrance fees.

How to Get There: Cable car. Haha. That’s the only way I knew how. I checked Google Map while writing this and it said Mt. Faber can be reached from Harbourfront MRT station by foot (about 3o minutes).

Must or Not: Must! Especially if you love to jog. The whole park is full of trees, the roads well paved, and there are not too many people. I think our visit would have been lovelier if we went there early in the morning, say 7AM. Don’t forget to bring water. It will be a long walk.

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