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River Walk in Melaka

We did not pay for any tour services in Melaka because there is no need. The guesthouse where we stayed informed us that there are free walking tours every Thursdays at 9AM and 1PM at the tourism office (this is the building located at the foot of the bridge across H&M store). I think the free walking tour would have been great because the tour guides would provide information of the place but the schedule didn’t fit our schedule. So, we did our own walking tour.


A walk along the Melakan river is inevitable. The river is the city’s life. This is where everything trade and commerce thrived. The Melakan government did a good job in making the river “tour friendly” by maintaining the pathway along the river clean. I was also wowed by the fact that each building I saw beside the river were photograph-worthy.

We started our river walk at around 7:45 AM (after eating breakfast at the Ola Lavanderia Cafe across Layang-Layang Guesthouse). We had no maps with us, no phones to guide us. We just walked. First, along the street of Jalan Tukang Besi where we were staying. Then we turned right, turned right, and turned right until we saw the river.


We were actually just walking aimless in the old city and found our way to the river and just followed the walkway. The walkways are spacious, and there were not many people walking, probably because it was a weekday and 9AM (people were probably at work). A river cruise will cost you just RM15.00 (which is inexpensive) but I don’t think the boat will stop for you if you find a building interesting enough to photograph.



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