Where to Stay in Melaka: Layang-Layang Guesthouse via AirBnB

Layang-layang Guesthouse was one of the many gems I found in Melaka. This was my first time to book with AirBnB, and my first time was great! The search in AirBnB started when I could not find a good hotel in the city that was within our budget, which was P500 to P600 per night per person. I settled with Layang-layang among the numerous options because I liked their photographs in the AirBnB web site.


My conversation with Daphne in AirBnB was friendly and informative. She briefed me of the rules (no unnecessary noise to disrupt other guests), and RM45 for extra mattress, among others. Because there would be six of us, Daphne suggested the right room for us, laid out the exact amount that we would be paying, including the deposit. This was my first time to book with AirBnB and I wanted to be sure of many things so I asked a lot of questions and browsed through many comments to see if this is indeed the place good for us.



Contact Info:

26, Jalan Tukang Besi, Melaka
Tel: 06-292-2722
Email: booking@layanglayangmelaka.com
Web: http://www.layanglayangmelaka.com


If you are riding a bus, ask to be dropped off at the tourism office near the town square. Walk towards the bridge on the side of the Hard Rock Cafe (this is across H&M). Turn right, and turn left on the first corner (which is an eatery), and walk for a few meters. Layang-Layang is to your right, across Ola Lavanderia Cafe. Jalan Tukang Besi is the street next to Jonker Street to the right if you are facing away from the town square and the river.

How to Book:

We booked a family room (2 double beds) that can accommodate two extra mattresses for two people, so the family room can comfortably sleep six adults. I booked through AirBnB and paid a total of P2,664 + 45ringgits = P3,159.00 for six people. I paid the extra 45 ringgits for my cousin because I was able to book for only five people, and there were six of us.

On the day we checked in, I made a deposit of 100ringgits (approx. P1,100) and got the deposit as soon as we checked out. What I appreciated was, upon arriving, a check-in form with my name and details that I previously gave were already prepared and all I had to do was sign and make the deposit. Also, the lady in charge, immediately asked me what time we would checking out and if we want a taxi arranged for our trip to the bus terminal. After giving her our check-out details, she called somebody, maybe a taxi partner, and made a booking for two taxis for our group. The taxis arrived five minutes before the agreed-upon time. Also, the lady in charge gave me a map, pointing out to the most popular and the best places to check out in the historic town, and gave us free vouchers for breakfast for the eatery next door.


Toilet and Bath: Shared. There are 3 toilets, I think, and 4 baths, and lavatories outside. I think the guesthouse wasn’t full when we were there and there were no waiting time in the bathroom/toilet. They were also clean although some baths were leaking because of the airconditioning system placed on top of the structure.

Wheelchair-friendly?: I’m not very sure. They have rooms in the downstairs but the walkways were narrow and I’m not sure if they can comfortably fit a wheelchair.

Amenities: Kitchen, free water, free biscuits, laundry. The guesthouse also has bicycles for rent.

House Rules: You leave your footwear at the door and walk barefoot or use their plastic slippers inside. This was not new to us because we walk around our house barefoot. But to many, this may seem uncomfortable. The doors of the guesthouse also closes at 10PM but guests are given a key to both the door and the little gate to the bedrooms. If you’re a guest, make sure you do not forget to bring your card.

Accessibility: We found Layang-layang accessible and we just walked to town and the malls and back to the guesthouse during our stay there. It is not located near the river, but the river is only about 50 meters, so it is not far. The guesthouse is also near places of interest such as the Baba Nyonya House and the Cheng Ho Museum.

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