Month: January 2017

WEDDING 101: Invites and Other Paper Works

My then-boyfriend (now my husband) and I are avid DIYers. We both love design and crafts. We are also thrifty people who enjoy a fuss-free life. We knew when we wanted to get married that we would be making and printing our own wedding invitations. Because (1) we don’t want to spend a lot for printing services and more so for wedding invitations that people would forget after the wedding, and (2) we don’t want to be disappointed with any printing service provider who can’t follow our instructions to the dot. So, we created our own. Advertisements

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Where to Stay in Cebu: Wellcome Hotel

I now understand why “staycations” are a thing. It is having the best of vacation plus just staying inside. I used to not get the concept but I love it now especially maybe because stress at work can sometimes take the better of me, and all I want is to do nothing — just lay in bed all day, watching Stylist Inc. (I enjoyed the show so much!). Last November, my husband and I booked a double room at Wellcome Hotel, a small hotel located near Ayala Center, for a “staycation.”

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Small Town Diaries: Men at Work

“Small Town Diaries” is a series in this blog of posts I create inspired by my home town, Lazi. Lazi is a small town in the small island of Siquijor. It is a small town but, growing up, I never felt like we were disconnected with the world. We had television, we watched American movies, we read books, we read newspapers, we even welcome national celebrities and politicians often.

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