The Boholano President’s House, Coffee, and Local Bakery

On our second day in Tagbilaran, I was aiming to wake up at 6AM to be able to eat puto and tsokolate at their public market because as far as I can remember, the tsokolate I drank in Tagbilaran was the best tsokolate I had in my life (no offense to my Grandma!). But I wasn’t able to wake up at 6AM because the bed was so inviting and I did some work before I went to sleep the night before so I was exhausted. Anyway, a reason to visit again. Here is what I would do if I am not doing the Bohol countryside tour.


Our Day 2 itinerary went like this.

8:00-9:00AM Breakfast at hotel
9:00-10:00AM Bath, to Tamper Coffee
10:00-10:30AM Coffee at Tamper
10:30-11:00AM Tour at Carlos P. Garcia Museum
11:00-11:30AM Buy bread at Estrella’s Bakery
11:30-12:30PM Lunch
1:00-3:00PM Oceanjet Tagbilaran to Cebu

20170221_10122116839453_120300002241818962_1453385026_n16839466_120300002249562634_1860511055_nTamper was something I learned through my Instagram feed. I am an Instagram addict and would search for new places to go by using the hashtag #whenin I especially love it when locals frequent the place. I loved the place and would surely come back. I was envious of the other table’s fluffy pancake tower. I just didn’t like the coffee I ordered, so I should come back and order another one.

My cousin and I also enjoyed The Library Cafe, beside Panda Suites. We spent a good three hours there, eating snacks and enjoying a game of scrabble.




At around 10:30, I stopped work because I wanted to visit Carlos P. Garcia’s home again. More than a decade ago, the house was closed and my curiosity was never satisfied. Carlos P. Garcia was the eighth president of the Republic of the Philippines and I’m always curious how leaders live their lives, what their houses look like. I was not surprised to learn that the Garcias’ Tagbilaran home is simple, especially because of his Filipino First Policy. But I was surprised to see how opulent the wardrobe of the Mrs. Garcia and their only daughter were. I couldn’t resist, I asked permission to touch the clothes still hanging in their cabinets. I learned from the museum administrator that Mrs. Garcia, Leonila de la Serna Dimataga, was a pharmacist by profession and a native of Cebu.

The former president, according to the museum administrator, was an avid chess player and a gardener. He spent most of the year in Manila and the Tagbilaran house was a vacation house. There was not much to see in the house but the museum administrator shared a lot of facts about the former president. It was obvious from the museum administrator’s house how beloved the former president was in his home province. I wanted to stay longer and ask more questions but time was against us, so I cut the tour short and excused ourselves. We wanted to still visit the provincial museum but, maybe next time.


Our last stop was Estrella’s Bakery, near the provincial museum and cathedral. The bagel and chips were good, and I paid only about P80 for the goods I bought.

 We stayed at the Belian Hotel (thank you to my in-laws!), booked our countryside tour with Metroland Travel & Tours, and traveled from Cebu to Tagbilaran via Oceanjet.

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