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Hale Manna, Moalboal

I first heard of Hale Manna (which means “good energy” in Sanskrit) when our wedding singer got married there last year. We finally got to visit one weekend this summer to celebrate our parents-in-law’s 43rd wedding anniversary. The place did not disappoint, and I took back to the city with me only good energy.


I was so busy the early months of summer, shuttling among birthdays, family reunions, and weekend gigs that by the time May came I was no longer functioning well. I incurred backlogs and my work quality dipped. While I was enjoying the summer activities, I could not concentrate well. When May came, I decided to stop all extra gigs and spend the weekend doing nothing but reading, sleeping and exercise. I was glad to have been able to start the month of May at Hale Manna because it was such a relaxing place I didn’t want to leave.



There was a fortunate unfortunate event that happened when we got to the resort. The owner failed to record my sister-in-law’s booking so someone was already occupying the room she booked. For the same price, they upgraded us to the honeymoon suite. Of course, we didn’t complain. 😛 It was a nice treat for our PILs, we were like gate-crashing in their honeymoon.

I slept in the honeymoon suite’s daybed Saturday afternoon. I want to bring the daybed back home with me. I loved how one side of the suite was floor to ceiling glass that it gave natural light. The pool was also just a few steps from the suite and it gave me much needed respite from the hot, hot days of summer. (I found the pool not so well lighted though and this might be dangerous for small kids or older people).

When I woke up the following day, I was excited to go snorkelling. I’ve always encouraged my nephew to water activities and, at such a young age, he’s been swimming and snorkelling (I haven’t introduced him to diving yet because of the cost). One time, he dragged me to the deeper part of a swimming pool and I said don’t because I’m afraid. He said, in all innocence, that there is nothing to be afraid of and I will surely have fun. At 32 years old, I tried snorkelling. And, there were few seconds when I got afraid especially when I saw the bottomless blue of the Moalboal waters. But I understood why many people got hooked to snorkelling/diving. Because it’s a whole new world out there. A beautiful, deep, mysterious world.


Hale Manna Coastal Gardens
Bas Daku, Moalboal
Rates starts at P1,100 per person (without breakfast)
– Free use of amenities (kayak, snorkel)
Breakfast is P250 per person (set), P295 per person (buffet)


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