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WEDDING 101: Bride Does Her Own Make-up

Leave the make-up part to the experts. Or, just get on with it. I got on with it and never regretted doing my make-up on my wedding day. The truth was, the make-up was not my major concern on my wedding day. The skin was. I’ve been battling with adult acne and I was focused on a sustainable regimen that would not cause my skin to breakout during my wedding day. I always believe great skin needs no make-up so if I have great skin on my wedding day I would not have to worry.

I thought that having my make-up done by a professional wedding make-up artist was expensive. I’ve asked around and the lowest rate I got was P1,000 for the bride only. This price came from a freelance make-up artist who was still establishing her make-up artistry career at the time of our wedding (she had less than five years experience). I also asked a reputable make-up artist who set up shop in downtown Cebu and said his asking price is P2,500 for the bride if all cosmetics to be used are M.A.C. products. I know popular wedding make-up artists in the city could charge more than P10,000. (Although, I must admit, the best make-up artists in the city are truly, truly great make-up artists, masters of their crafts).

Anyway, there are several mababaw reasons why I didn’t want anyone to do my make-up. First, because I don’t want someone to wake me up and disturb my sleep. I really, really hate this at any day and I know I would hate it more during my wedding day. I don’t want anyone to disturb my sleep because I know emotions would be high and I kind of turn into a monster when I lack sleep. Second, because I don’t want someone making small talk. I love small talks with make-up artists in someone else’s wedding, but not on my wedding because I want to concentrate. Concentrate on how not to become a silly bride. Third, because I want to have breakfast. I know it’s funny but I don’t want to be the bride who collapses during the ceremony because she skipped breakfast because her HMUA team was already at her hotel room even before she woke up. And fourth, because I wanted to look like myself. I want to look back at my wedding photos and still recognize myself. I also want my husband to look back at my wedding photos and have no doubt he married the same person. Haha..

Unfortunately, I cannot show you a make-up video tutorial. But here are the things I used during the day:

  1. Foundation – M&Co. (Lipsticks and Moe’s review convinced me to buy this).
  2. Setting Power – Human Nature Mineral Pressed Powder (P375.00)
  3. Lipstick – M&Co. Matte Lipstick in Biscuit (Bless My Bag’s review convinced me to buy this)
  4. Eyebrow Powder – In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour (P350.00 in Zalora)
  5. Mascara – Maybelline VolumExpress Falsies Mascara (P459.00 in Zalora)
  6. Eyeliner – M&Co. Waterproof Eyeliner
  7. Blush – Daiso (exactly the same blush mentioned in this blog) (P66.00)
  8. Eye Shadow – Clinique All About Shadow Quad in Morning Java
  9. Lip pencil – Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner (P475.00 in BeautyMNL)
  10. Brushes – Brush set from Beauty Cosmetics
  11. Primer – Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser (P980.00 in Lazada)

J_P (156)-tile

Here are some questions people asked me when they learned I did my own make-up:

  1. How did you do it? First, I took a bath, washed my face, applied ice (to reduce the redness of any pimple I had), applied my usual toner + moisturizer. I just did what every woman does when she does her make-up.
  2. Are you an expert in make-up? No. I wear make-up only when there are special occasions, and that is probably five times a year or even less. In fact, I am a late bloomer to make-up, only seriously wearing it when I was about 27 was frantically searching for a good foundation and concealer to cover-up my pimples.
  3. Were you nervous doing your own make-up? No. My sister was in my hotel room and she hired a make-up artist for her and our friend. I also knew it is not a problem if I would marry my then-boyfriend without any make-up on. I mean, he would see me through my worst days, and I thought the wedding day is no exception. Also, our guests were family and friends, people we know love us no matter what face we are in, and there was no pressure for me to have my face made up.
  4. How long did it take you to finish your own make-up? Five hours. I wasn’t doing make-up the whole time, but I was slowly doing the make-up because I was afraid that if I hurry I would make a mess of myself.
  5. How did you learn how to do make-up? Like most millennials, I learned how to do make-up through Michelle Phan’s YouTube make-up tutorials. Then I attended one of Noe Villagonzalo of Color Me Weapon’s make-up workshop (where I got the make-up brush set), and I practiced this particular make-up look done by Lisa Eldridge for L’Oreal Canada.
  6. Did you have regrets doing your own make-up? No, I didn’t. I would still do my own make-up if I marry my husband again and again. But I would probably change some of the products I used as some of them have not proven to be very effective (such as the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser).

The big question really is — is doing your own make-up on your wedding day worth it? The answer is, it depends on you.

My No. 1 advice, my only advice really, is to be comfortable with your own skin. Because no matter how much make up you put on, if you aren’t comfortable with yourself, then you will never be happy.

And you should be happy especially on your wedding day. Whatever situation your face is in on that day (made up or bare), if you are sure about the person and the commitment, the face won’t matter.


P.S. If you are an M&Co. reseller, please send me a message. I bought the M&Co. make-up at a store at the Banilad Town Center but sadly the store is not there anymore, and I don’t know where else to buy them.



  1. i did my own makeup for my wedding too. i’m happy with how it turned out. i mean, i look like my regular made-up self. hahaha. i don’t regret it, though.

    hey, you just inspired me to write my own experience about it! =)

      • cheers to that! =)

        i linked your blog to my post. i just had to write about it. thanks for inspiring me to share my experience too.

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  3. I did my own make up too! Since I do a full face of makeup almost every day for work, I wasn’t concerned about doing it for my wedding. It only took me about 30 minutes to do! (Plus, chances are you’ll sweat your makeup off by the end of the night anyway from all the dancing lol)

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