Work Around the World: Thailand

There are many disadvantages to working at home. But one of the many advantages is the luxury of bringing work wherever I go. In our most recent trip abroad, my husband and I opted to rent a pocket wi-fi to ensure that we have Internet connection all the time for work, rather than rely on the wi-fi that would be provided by our accommodation or on the wi-fi that are free in coffee shops. In this post, I will show you a comparison of the travel wi-fi that can be rented out from Cebu. Read on if you’re interested.


Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 3.21.43 PM

Pros: This is the least expensive travel wifi I found in the Philippines. What I like about this is that you are ensured that you have wifi even before arriving at your destination (peace of mind). You can pick up the wifi kit at NAIA T3 or have it delivered via courier.

Cons: The problem with delivery of the wifi kit is that Flytpack doesn’t deliver to Cebu City. Also, Flytpack returns the deposit only through bank transfer or credit card refund, and I hate this type of transaction because I only keep track of my bank transactions once a month. I want to be refunded in cash.

Smart Travel Wifi

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 11.17.06 AM

Pros: The Smart Travel Wifi is inexpensive, at least based on the initial total amount showed in the web page. You will not pay any deposit if you are paying with Smart Postpaid Plan. I think this is a good deal for those with Smart postpaid plans, but I am using Smart prepaid. Smart also delivers to Cebu City, which is great. Just make sure to book weeks ahead of your travel date.

Cons: I could not proceed to Checkout, despite numerous attempts. So I have no idea how much it would really cost me to have the Smart Travel wifi delivered to my address in Cebu City. The fine print (in the above photo) says there is a P4,000 deposit for the device, and the form indicated that deliver outside of Metro Manila will cost me P150 (multiplied by 2 because I will need to return the device via courier as well. Also, I tried inquiring about this in the Smart office in SM City Cebu and none of the personnel there heard of this travel wifi thing.

SkyRoam PH

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 11.48.06 AM

Pros: I was planning to use SkyRoam during our trip to Singapore last year, but at that time they said they do not deliver to Cebu City. I like that all the items you are paying for are indicated in the Order before proceeding to checkout.

Cons: I think it is expensive, although I noticed that the rates of Flytpack, Smart, and Skyroam are just the same. I am also not yet sure if they deliver to Cebu.


Screenshot 2017-08-04 15.40.17

Finally, in the battle of travel wifis, my winner would be the Smile Wifi that I booked through Klook. It was the winner for these reasons:

  1. I paid the deposit in cash, and got the deposit back in cash.
  2. I don’t need wifi on the two days we would be in Siem Reap. So I booked only on the day we would arrive in Bangkok.
  3. It has a cheaper per day rental at only P275 per day, compared to P390 from the Philippine-based travel wifis.
  4. It has the cheapest deposit of THB2,000 (xP1.55) = P3,100.
  5. I have Klook credits and an unused Promo Code, which totalled P229.80.

Note 1: Bangkok, and the rest of Thailand, has fast Internet connection. The hostels, guesthouses, and hotels we stayed in provided free and very fast Internet connection. So, if you are not bringing work with you, there is no need to rent a pocket wifi. Maybe you can just buy a Thai sim card (390 baht).

Note 2: AIS, the Internet provider of our pocket wifi, had no or low signal in the old Sukhothai, and on the jungles on the train to Chiang Mai.

Note 3: The pick-up airport and the return airport should be the same. If coming from the Philippines (Manila) and flying with CebuPac, the pick-up and return airport would be Suvarnabhumi Airport. But we arrived in Don Muaeng from Siem Reap, so that was our pick-up and return airport. You cannot choose to pick-up in one airport, and return in another.

Sign-up with Klook using this link  to get P161.9 off from your first purchase.



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