DIY Hanging Art Piece

I haven’t done some DIY for a while now because I’ve been catching up with work and spending the Saturdays catching up with sleep and rest. But, it’s almost Christmas and I always love the holidays and I know family and friends would be visiting our tiny home, so I decided to work on the home projects that have remained pending for so long. One of those home projects is to hang back our art and get a centerpiece “art.”


I am currently in love with fabrics, especially local fabrics after seeing the display of local weave at Chiang Mai’s Lanna Folklife Museum. I was browsing at the Kultura store in SM City Cebu when I saw a fabric art that you’re supposed to hang in the wall. The size was perfect but the color combinations were not. And then I chanced upon the store’s floor rugs and spent time selecting color combinations I loved. They were 2 pieces for P199 only. I thought it was a steal! I just decided that I could hang the floor rug using materials I have at home.


Materials needed:

fabric to serve as the art. I think any kind will do. But I choose the floor rug because it was the right thickness and weight.

big chopstick. I think these are cooking chopsticks. I bought a pair for P10 at Gaisano Main.

yarn or raffia rope

crocet needle. Not really necessary but it helped make getting the yarn in and out easier.

3M Command 

The only important procedure for this DIY is securing the chopstick behind the fabric. The purpose of the chopstick is so the fabric won’t curl once I hang it up. You can also use a different kind of stick — a bamboo stick perhaps or a curtain rod. I just happened to have this chopstick at home. Also, you can use a different kind of yarn. I would have preferred a raffia rope but I realized I no longer have raffia. So I just went with the yarn.

Total cost: P202.00 (P99.5 for the rug, P5.0 for the chopstick, and P97.5 for the 3M Command)



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