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Ola Lavanderia Cafe, Melaka

The last meal we ate in Melaka was breakfast, and we went to Ola Lavanderia Cafe. It was a logical choice because it was located just across our guesthouse, and it was the only eatery open at 8AM. We were in love with Melaka and we thought we would cap our “love at first sight” in this very nice cafe with very handsome owner.


The day before we were supposed to check this cafe out because it advertised Melakan white cheesecake. My sister’s a cheesecake-phile. Unfortunately, the cafe was already closed when we came home from our do-it-yourself walking tour around town. When you’re at Ola, don’t forget to ask for the wi-fi password. I almost lost my patience but the owner was too cute. I will not tell you why so that you can experience his cuteness firsthand.








Except for my husband who ordered pancakes, we all ordered big breakfast thinking we won’t be eating much inside the bus to Singapore. I was glad I ordered a big breakfast (RM12.00) and just a cup of cappuccino (RM8.5) because I was full enough but not palpitating for the almost 5 hour immigration ordeal we had to face later that day.




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  2. Wow, this is a lovely place to spend time before I start my day. Good thing that you guys ordered big breakfast, which would surely a great decision that morning. I hope to drop by here If I get the chance soon.

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