Cebu City Hall Farmers’ Market

Today, as my husband and I were having coffee at the McDonald’s across City Hall, I thought of three things: (1) Cebu is dirty; (2) I love this city, and (2) I should go out more often. Across from where we were sitting, locals and tourists were taking snaps of themselves inside the Magellan’s Cross and farmers were setting up their display of greens and violets (in the case of eggplants and avocados).


I knew there was a farmers’ market at the city hall because I stopped by their tents some months ago. But I did not know they are here twice every week. I used to go to the Cebu Farmers’ Market at Handuraw and then at Vibo Place but they open early and they are too far from my place. I think the City Hall farmers’ market is perfect for me because they open in the afternoon until evening, every Thursdays and Fridays, and they are only one ride by jeepney from where I live.

The prices are of course cheaper compared to the prices of vegetables and fruits in the supermarkets, but there are not much variety although this is not a problem for me because I don’t really know how to cook different vegetables. The vegetables are also seasonal so when we were there today, there were a lot of avocados (at P50 per kilo). We also found pako/fern and young gabi leaves. We brought 2 pieces avocado (P20 for half a kilo), 2 pieces of ampalaya (P20 for a quarter of a kilo), and 1 head lettuce (P25 per a quarter of a kilo). The farmers did not brand themselves as organic farmers though and I didn’t ask so if you are into organic products, better ask them first before buying.


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